Jono Falls LLC


101-103 North Main Street River Falls, WI 54022

This Building was built in 1868 and is located between the Kinnikinnic River and Main Street right next to the beautiful Vetrans Park in the Heart of River Falls.

We are looking for office, retail, boutiques, and dining to add to this building.  Willing to split spaces up for multiple uses.

Building Amentities

Newly renovated HVAC system

Beautiful views of Kinnikinnic River and Main Street

Vetrans Park next door

Commercial Space Available NOW!

101 1/2 N Main St- Commercial Available: NOW 4488 sq ft $2992/mo

101 N Main St Commercial Available: NOW 1425 sq ft $1600/mo

101 B N Main St Available: 10/1/2020

103 N Main St- Retail Available:  7/1/2020

103 B N Main St-Storage Available: NOW 2244 sq ft $935/mo

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