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105 3rd Avenue W. Osceola, WI 54020

Jono Pointe Apartments of Osceola are located just 45 minutes northeast of the Twin Cities. Built originally in 1917 as the "Hotel Osceola" and later converted to apartments in the early 1970's by previous owners Richard & Deborah Gregory. Units have very unique layouts and many still have original architectural details from 1917. Before this time many smaller hotels in Osceola were lost to fire. On Christmas night in 1914 the Ames hotel, which was the last wooden framed hotel, burned to the ground. This left the Village of Osceola without a hotel to accomodate the traveling public. Travelers had to find rooms in private homes. Business leaders in Osceola realized the urgent need for a larger and more fire resistant building. It was then in 1916 that a group of investors came together and built a show place called the Hotel Osceola. Ever mindful of the number of hotels lost to fire, this concrete and brick structure incorporated into its construction the highest fireproofing standards of the day. The street facing exteriors on the east and south display Twin City wire cut brick and white Dunville cut stone, which accents the trimming, sills, caps, and copings.

Building Amenities

Monthly Rent Includes Heat, Electric, Water, and Garbage. Kitchens Feature Energy Star Rated Refrigerators, 30" Electric Ranges, Stainless Steel Sinks 

Available Units

Apartment 100-Available 9/1/2020

Apartment 101-Available 60 day notice 

Apartment 102-Available 12/1/2020

Apartment 103-Available 11/1/2020

Apartment 104-Available 2020 Remodeling

Apartment 105-Available Now $700/mo

Apartment 200-Available Now $475/mo

Apartment 201-Available 11/1/2020

Apartment 202-Available 60 day notice

Apartment 203-Available 60 day notice

Apartment 204-Available 12/1/2020 

Apartment 205-Available 12/1/2020

Apartment 206-Available 60 day notice

Apartment 301-Available 12/1/2020

Apartment 302-Available 2020 Remodeling

Apartment 303 - Available 12/1/2020

Apartment 304-Available 4/1/2020

Apartment 305-Available 9/1/2020

Apartment 306-Available 2/1/2020

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